Access Your Career Pathway

Choosing a career pathway is a challenge. A job is an opportunity that responds to immediate employment needs, but choosing a career pathway requires having more information and building a vision for the future.  The first step in this career journey is discovering the industries that are hiring now and the long-term outlook for jobs in the local community and beyond.  The next step is learning about the education, skills, and opportunities for advancement in the career pathway, as well as undertaking sell-assessment to learn more about which aspects of the work match individual interests and aptitudes.  Along the way, obtaining education and work experience helps determine whether the career is a good fit or if transferrable skills can be applied to advance in a different career pathway. Through Access career pathway initiatives, participants receive multi-faceted orientations to career tracts in San Diego.   

Career Coaching

The Access executive coaching model helps job seekers develop a plan for a positive life and career choices and create a blueprint for achieving self-sufficiency and economic independence.  Staff and a team of trained dedicated mentors help youth maximize their potential and aspire to achieve ambitious goals.  The program has the following features:  

  • Life skills training
  • Learning about the world of work
  • Identifying interests and possible career pathways
  • Planning for the future
  • Improving school attitudes and performance
  • Building self-confidence
  • Connecting with mentors 

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