Financial Opportunity Center

At Financial Opportunity Centers (FOCs), low to moderate-income families are given the priceless opportunity of developing financial stability. Our primary purpose is to help each of our clients reach their objectives by providing invaluable guidance and resources along the way, such as job placement, advice about your financial life, career counseling, and help with financial literacy.

Access Inc provides services that will not only assist with creating beneficial money habits but also foster a brighter future! This incredible initiative would not have been possible without the support of LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation), a national organization whose mission is to partner with local projects and make investments in housing, businesses, jobs, education, safety, and health.

Local Initiatives Support Corporation

If you’re looking for a way to get ahead financially, look no further than your local Financial Opportunity Center. FOCs offer assistance to families living on low-to-moderate income and provide invaluable advice in achieving financial stability. Access will inform you of some of the important strategies offered by Financial Opportunity Centers across the country. Whether you’re just starting on your financial journey or you’re looking for ways to improve your current situation, read on for some valuable tips!

Financial Opportunity Centers

The Financial Opportunity Centers of Access and its partners offer exemplary employment counseling, one-on-one financial coaching, educational services, and affordable financial products that expand credit scores, savings account balances, and assets. FOC’s innovative model is centered around connecting clients to vital income supports like food stamps, utility assistance, and low-cost health insurance. But beyond that, what sets FOC apart is our dedication to providing these services together as a comprehensive package with ongoing commitment for the client to reach their goals.

Research shows FOC clients who take advantage of combined services are 50 percent more likely to land a better-paying job versus people receiving employment services alone. Long-term job retention, holding a job for a year or longer. They can almost double when financial coaching reinforces the work of employment counseling. The Financial Opportunity Center model has evolved over the years, and now includes four main components: digital literacy to create technological awareness; financial education and coaching for financial management knowledge; worker readiness to prepare individuals for the world of work; and income support that involves public benefits screening. You can always reach out to us by phone at (858) 560-0871.

Financial Coaching

With the help of financial coaching, your chances of maintaining a job for more than one year are nearly doubled! To get started on this journey to success and stability contact us today. Residents can learn more about affordable health insurance, book appointments with financial coaches, and advice to benefit their financial bottom line.

Our financial coaching service centers have trained coaches who will help individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to budgeting, securing loan or credit card rates, filing taxes accurately, and comprehending credit scores! With personalized financial education plans crafted with you in mind, financial coaches make sure you get on track for a sound fiscal future.

Stay Ahead with Financial Opportunity Center Strategies

The data at NCCTI Financial Opportunity Center, funded by the Greater Newark Local Initiative Service Corporation (LISC), has seen tremendous success stories. They were able to help find 40 job placements, 48 credit score increases, 44 people with increased net income, and 37 individuals with greater net worth!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does LISC have a national network?

Yes! LISC is the nation’s largest community development financial institution and has a network of more than 3,000 Financial Opportunity Centers across the country. Through its centers, LISC provides comprehensive services to help families gain economic stability and build wealth.

What types of assistance do FOCs offer?

Financial Opportunity Centers offer a range of services to help individuals and families improve their financial well-being. Services may include credit counseling, one-on-one money coaching, access to free savings accounts or other banking products, budgeting assistance, job training programs, and even access to legal advice.

Does Access’ Financial Opportunity Center make a difference in the San Diego area?

Yes! The FOC in San Diego has been providing financial education and assistance to residents since 2007. In that time, thousands of families have been able to increase their earnings through the center’s job training programs, access banking products to build their savings and become financially stable, improve their credit scores by paying off debt, and use budgeting.

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