Access Your Career

Access has several career pathways that offer industry recognized training and certifications to youth. Access trainings are designed to provide students with hands on experience and resources to explore and excel in specific careers. A dedicated team of training experts partner with local agencies to provide the most accurate information in the field. These pathways also ensure opportunities for secondary education and full-time employment. 

Current Career Pathways

  • Careers in Mental Health

  • Law Career Pathway

  • Customer Service Certification

  • Healthcare Academy

  • Get Tech STEAM Academy

We tailor trainings to meet the needs of in-demand occupations but also assist youth in developing skills and interests in fields they show an interest in.  

Career Coaching

Our Coaching Program is built on the Executive Coaching Model and provides youth with focused attention and encouragement towards specific goals, with the vision to empower youth in our community to achieve self-sufficiency and economic independence and game positive life and career choices that enable them to maximize their potential.  

The program uses adult volunteers to commit to supporting and guiding youth.  Through regular coaching meetings and periodic community events, our Coaches instill values that help a youth achieve greater aspirations for their future.


  • Develop important life skills

  • Learn about the world of work

  • Plan for the future

  • Improve school attitudes and performance

  • Build self-confidence

  • Connect with a caring adult to help you on your career journey

  • Convenient coaching sessions

  • Customized to match your career interest

To learn more, please contact us.