The Best Jobs For Teens in San Diego

Jobs For Teens in San Diego County

At Access 2 Jobs, we provide job training and resources to help teens get jobs in San Diego, California. We have a variety of job and skills training available, ranging from food service jobs to retail jobs to jobs in the healthcare sector. We also provide resources and workshops to help teens learn skills that will make them more employable, such as resume writing and interviewing tips.

Our team of dedicated professionals is here to support local teens in their job search and work with employers who are seeking to hire teenagers who are friendly and energetic to employ as their next team member. We believe in providing teens with the jobs, resources, and training they need in order to prepare for either a part-time or full-time position and to become successful members of the workforce.

With Access 2 Jobs, young teens can find jobs that fit their interests and help them develop valuable career skills. Visit our website today to learn more about skills training for teen jobs in San Diego, CA!

Youth Career Centers

San Diego County Youth Career Centers

At Access 2 Jobs, we strive to make finding jobs for 15 year olds, or any teenager of legal age to work, easier by providing access to our network of employers who hire teens. We bridge the gap between potential employers and those seeking teen jobs in San Diego, empowering young people to develop essential skills for their future careers. They may get lost in the job seeking pursuit, staff members here will be able to relieve some of their worry.

Our Opportunity Youth programs focus on helping youths hone both their interests and expertise so that they can confidently pursue meaningful employment opportunities aligned with those passions. Access offers opportunity programs that help ensure a successful career journey of passion meets profession for all!

Who Are These Services Designed To Help?

– Teens and adults in San Diego County seeking jobs for 14yo-24yo
– Those who are Unemployed or Underemployed
– People currently in school or out of school taking school hours into account
– Those who identify as having a barrier to employment and/or low income

Jobs Skills Training

Job Skills Training for San Diego Teens

Access 2 Jobs is proud to offer job skills training for teens in San Diego, CA. Our team of experienced professionals helps teens learn the essential skills they need to be successful in the workforce. We understand that jobs for teenagers need to be tailored to their individual needs, so we provide customized training plans and one-on-one coaching sessions to help ensure that each teen is prepared for success.

Our workshops are also specially designed to fit the unique learning styles of San Diego teens in order to maximize their potential. We understand the importance of jobs for minors, of an appropriate age, as helpful to develop a strong work ethic, build confidence, and explore new career paths. We provide teens with the tools and guidance they need to not only acquire jobs, but also to become productive employees.

We are committed to helping teens develop the skills they need to be successful in the competitive job market. With our jobs for teens program, we strive to create opportunities that will propel them into a bright future.

We provide resources such as:

– Resume writing assistance
– Job search tips
– Interview preparation
– Job skills training

…and more to ensure that San Diego teens are well-equipped with the right tools to secure jobs and excel on the job. We partner with local businesses to help teens gain valuable work experience and skills in a variety of fields and industries.

We also understand the importance of having support and guidance. That’s why we offer mentorships with qualified professionals to provide teens with one-on-one assistance. Through this program, San Diego teens can find jobs that match their interests and receive advice from experienced professionals to help them secure jobs and excel in the workplace.

Popular Teen Jobs & The Skills Needed

Popular Teen Jobs and The Skills Needed

We recommend jobs that provide teens in San Diego County with both real-world experience and financial independence.

We provide a wide range of job skills including customer service and communication, organizational strategies, problem-solving techniques, conflict-resolution strategies, and much more!

Popular jobs for teens and their duties and necessary skills include:

Merchandise Sales Clerk

Duties: Assisting customers with purchases, answering questions, and managing the sales floor.
Skills: Finest customer service, anticipating customer needs, fashion savvy, excellent communication, multitasking, and problem-solving.

Service Associate at Grocery Stores

Duties: Cleaning and stocking shelves, taking inventory, and maintaining a neat store appearance.
Skills: Punctuality, attention to detail, customer service oriented, flexible hours, and strong organizational skills.

CVS Health Retail Worker

Duties: Assist customers, stock shelves, maintain store cleanliness, responsible for answering questions and handling telephone orders.
Skills: Differentiated customer service, understanding the department’s mission, salesmanship, strong organizational skills.

Restaurant Worker

Duties: Take guests food orders, food delivery, answer menu questions, stock ingredients and food products, navigate walk in cooler, handle credit cards and the cash register.
Skills: Actively identifying and anticipating customer needs, punctual, and process telephone orders.

San Diego Zoo Staff Member

Duties: Differentiated customer service, assist animals, provide educational presentations, provide exceptional guest service, teams interact directly, actively engaging guests.
Skills: Organizational skills, public speaking abilities, knowledge of animal care and safety standards, and excellent customer service skills.


Duties: Supervising swimming activities, actively identifying unsafe behavior, demonstrating compassion, and providing assistance to the general public when necessary.
Skills: CPR/First Aid certified, strong communication and decision-making skills.

Camp Counselor

Duties: Organizing and leading activities, supervising children, and ensuring safety at all times
Skills: Respectful of boundaries, empathetic nature, highly organized, exceptional guest service.

Tutor or Teacher

Duties: Plan lessons based on subject material for individual students or small groups, provide homework assistance, and track student progress.
Skills: Exceptional communication, patience and understanding, excellent organizational and time management.

With a little help from Access 2 Jobs, teens can attend workshops, classes, and seminars to learn essential skills and find productive teen jobs that are perfect for them and their flexible schedule. From retail sales to tutors and restaurant staff, there are plenty of teen jobs available for those with the right skills and the drive.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is differentiated customer service?

Differentiated customer service is a method of providing customized service and support to customers, based on their individual needs. It involves creating tailored solutions that are tailored for each customer, so that the customers’ needs are met in a more personalized way.

What jobs are available to teens?

There are plenty of jobs available to teens, depending on their interests and skills. Common jobs for teens include tutoring, retail sales, restaurant staff, customer service jobs, babysitting, pet care jobs, landscaping jobs and more.

Teens may also find opportunities in the gig economy. With jobs like delivering food, rideshare driving and providing online services such as web design, teens can find jobs that fit their lifestyle and schedule.

Should I get a Part time or Full time position?

It is important to consider whether a teen should commit to part-time or full-time work. Part-time jobs can be more flexible and allow teens to balance their jobs with school and other activities. Conversely, full-time jobs might provide more stability and a steady paycheck but may require longer hours.

How many hours per week can teens work?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets guidelines for jobs held by teens under the age of 18. According to the FLSA, teens aged 16 and 17 can work any time of day, with no restrictions on the number of hours per week, provided they have written parental permission. The minimum age to work in California is 14.

What is a position summary?

A position summary is a brief statement that describes the primary purpose of a job. It generally outlines the qualifications, skills and knowledge required for a job, as well as any other important details. A position summary helps applicants gain a better understanding of the role and can be used to compare jobs side by side.

It can also be used to create a job description, hiring employers can use to evaluate applicants. In the case of jobs for teens, a position summary might outline the type of work that is expected, the hours and days available to work, and any other pertinent details.

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