Stuck At Home: Immigrant Domestic Violence During COVID-19

Access' webinar “Stuck at Home: Immigrant Domestic Violence During Covid-19” was a success! We came away with great discussions and the comfort of knowing that we are not alone. Even though we all came from different professions, backgrounds, and with some joining from other states, it truly felt like a community of support and a safe space to have real discussion about what we have all been experiencing as we struggle to support survivors while also taking care of ourselves and our families. Carolyne Ouya, Access’ Legal Advocate/Coordinator of Strategic Partnerships did a masterful job of setting the stage and making sure all felt welcome and safe to share and learn from each other. Sgt. Lem Sainsanoy of SDPD, reminded us their work is not done in isolation as they rely on the community's help to respond to DV calls. As the SAVE Legal Director, I shared that even after over 20 years, I, too, struggled with how to make sense of it all. CWSL Law Student Franky Gomez commented, "I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the presentation and want to thank you for creating a space for us all to learn and share our ideas with each other. I think it was a wonderful way for members of different communities to come together and support one another during these unprecedented times!"