To address the needs of the most vulnerable and underserved populations in San Diego County by promoting self-sufficiency and economic independence through education and employment opportunities.


Community: We thrive when we all take responsibility for our neighbors and for the common good.

Security: We all have a right to have our basic needs met, including economic and social security.

Equity: We celebrate our differences while striving to break down the barriers that keep all of us from succeeding.

Courage: We all deserve support to achieve our dreams, however we choose to do so.

Mobility: No matter where we start out in life, we all should be able to advance and participate fully in society.

Access closes opportunity gaps by helping low-income and BIPOC youth obtain career opportunities

Through building one-on-one relationships with participants and providing tailored training and relevant resources, we provide participants with the tools they need to achieve their education and employment goals, no matter where they are on their career journeys or what barriers they may face due to circumstances. We do this through the following programs:

Peer-to-peer youth programs: Young people are connected to fellow young adults that will provide support, motivation, mentoring and other community resources that help them gain the confidence and skills necessary for their future success.

Financial education: We equip our participants with a range of financial resources, including budgeting tools and savings accounts, that help participants not only build their financial literacy but also take their first steps toward building wealth, narrowing racial wealth gaps.

Career counseling and job placement: We guide youth every step of the way through landing their dream job, from finding a job opening to nailing their interview to provide youth with the entrepreneurial skills they need to launch their own businesses or startups

Mentorship: We connect participants to community mentors who can not only connect youth to resources but provide guidance on how to navigate their career.

Development & leadership: Through leadership training, life-skills classes and other such programs, we give youth the tools and resources to help navigate life’s challenges, including trauma, so that youth can show up fully in their communities.

We connect employers to qualified employees and bolster quality jobs in our region Access partners with the region’s leading nonprofits and employers, including those in the private and public sectors. Access supports employers by introducing them to and helping them hire qualified and passionate job seekers. To this end, Access supports employers through:

Outreach to employers: We refer candidates who would be good fits, based on their skills, interests and preferred work settings, for open job positions and ensure both employers and candidates have the support they need for a successful working relationship.

Job Fairs: We host opportunities for businesses to connect and hire job seekers on a routine basis.

Internships: We help companies hire and train interns for private and public enterprises, giving interns the skills they need for their next great opportunity.